Stressed Out?

The solution to calming yourself down when you’re stressed out is, literally, in the palm of your hand.

Our palms and wrists contain quite a few pressure points which can be worked to relax us quickly.

My favourite is H 8. Heart 8 is found where the little finger touches the top line. Using the thumb of the other hand, apply pressure then make small circular movements. You’re applying energy deep into the hand, not rubbing the surface.

This is particularly useful when an active mind prevents you from falling asleep. Sometimes it works immediately, other times you may have to concentrate on your breathing. I find that by working this point whilst concentrating on the structure of my hand – the feel of the bones, muscles and ligaments calms me right down and I drift off to sleep easily.

A point which is calming but also uplifting is P 6. Pericardium 6 is in the middle of the arm, two thumb widths up from the wrist crease. It opens the chest and moves Blood and Qi. It’s a great point to work for indigestion but can be really powerful, if you need to be physically sick, this is the point to help. Travel packs sometimes have a band with a magnet which is to be placed over this point.

Information about all the points is included in my Stress Relief Pack which will be available by the beginning of December.

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I have a passion for Chinese Medicine, nutrition, crystals, essential oils and most things holistic.

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