Unakite and its components

Unakite is a form of granite that is made up of pink feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz.  It falls under the heading of igneous rocks meaning that it was formed when hot, molten rock cooled causing the components to solidify and crystalize.

Due to its feldspar inclusions, unakite is detoxifying and supports the routes of elimination.

It cools Heat in the Blood so is indicated for inflammatory conditions and insomnia.

It regenerates Liver-Blood to support Kidney-Essence so is beneficial for any type of convalescence, be it physical or emotional.

Emotionally it is helpful for someone who feels overwhelmed by other people’s demands, or someone who feels betrayed, a failure, or bereaved.

Reference:  Leslie J. Franks, Stone Medicine

Unakite raw, tumbled, polished, stones and beads

Currently, unakite is included in the Stress Relief Pack.

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