Using Crystals with Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, a home/room/office etc can be divided into 9 areas, each with its own specific energy. The one that most people want to know about, is the Wealth Corner.

In my experience, there are two schools of thought regarding Feng Shui. It was originally conceived in ancient China where the strictest attention to detail was par for the course, even desk measurements were taken into account. In China, the Wealth Corner is in the south east.

The concept moved to the west where a more energetic way of thinking materialized. For example, in the west, the Wealth Corner is the far left hand corner from the front door, this is regardless of the actual compass bearing.

Naturally the ancient Chinese did not take the two hemispheres into account. To them the north is the cold, barren, wasteland filled with threat whereas here in South African it’s the direction of greatest sunshine. Personally I prefer to work to the ancient Chinese rules seeing as how that’s the original and tested version. But, it all really depends on what feels right for each individual.

My problem is that I can’t un-know what I know so it is basically impossible for me to decorate a room in colours which are not conducive to the Five Element rules of Feng Shui.

The crystals in the Health & Wealth Pack are chosen for their colour in relation to the Five Elements as well as their chemical composition. Hematite is an iron oxide and lapis lazuli contains pyrite, also an iron but one which looks like gold, so these crystals will strengthen the Metal Element of the West and North West corners. Conversely, citrine is yellow, is a type of quartz, i.e. a silicon dioxide and has iron impurities which colour the stone. However, it is a recognized crystal to attract abundance and its cheerful colour is very uplifting, hence its inclusion in the South East corner.

The Bagua map explaining different areas and their themes

Interestingly, Lillian Too, an authority on Feng Shui and author of many books on the subject, does not recommend crystals in the North and South corners of the home because their Earth Element Qi conflicts with the Water-Qi of the North and drains the Fire-Qi of the South corners, according to Five Element philosophy.

Creating the Health & Wealth Pack was a lot of fun.

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