Prehnite has a beautiful soft green colour. It’s calming and resonates with the Heart chakra.

Prehnite as its found at the back, chunks in front of that, tumbled stones on the right and polished front left

The stone is named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn who was governor of the Cape of Good Hope between 1779 and 1780.

Similar in colour to aventurine, prehnite is made of calcium aluminum silicate whereas aventurine is a silicon dioxide, like quartz. Aventurine has a sparkle which is missing from prehnite.

TCM association:  Prehnite breaks up all kinds of accumulations.  Accumulations can be substantial or energetic and include acute indigestion, swellings, bruises, areas of inflammation, or sinus congestion.  The initial cause might be an injury,  a poorly prepared meal or an emotional event, like fear.  As Qi stagnates, the body generates Heat to move the stagnation.  If this Heat is unsuccessful, Blood and Fluids begin to stagnate, forming accumulations.  The accumulations can further consolidate to form lumps, which are more substantial and can include cysts and tumours.

The Belt Vessel is an extraordinary meridian which runs around the waist and is often the site for accumulations like flaccidity around the waist.

Prehnite also tonifies Spleen-Qi so can be used for poor digestion, food stagnation, incontinence, frequent urination, and muscle prolapse.

NOTE:  Prehnite is contraindicated during pregnancy because it breaks up fat and other accumulations in the lower regions.

Warm prehnite under a warm tap and place over or massage over fatty deposits to break them up.  Place a crystal a thumb’s width either side of the navel to stimulate St 25 acupressure point. 

Use a tumbled stone to massage Sp 6 to stimulate the Spleen’s role of transportation and transformation.  Sp 6 is on the inner shin bone, 4 finger width above the ankle bone.

R5.per stone

I sell the raw chunks for R5 each. The tumbled ones go into the Weight Loss Motivation Pack