Shiatsu Gems
Dana Bay, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
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I’m Margie Candy. In 1994 I did a reflexology course with Inge Dougans who introduced me to Traditional Chinese Medicine. She incorporated the meridians into the reflexology treatment.

A few years later I studied Shiatsu which further improved my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine but my bibles are books by Giovanni Maciocia who made TCM accessible to millions of readers.

I taught shiatsu for three years at the three Camelot campuses in Gauteng. I also ran my own practice from home and from a health shop in Bedford Centre.

Over the years I’ve done other courses including the Dorn Method, Quantum Touch and Conscious Channeling. I’ve sold a variety of health products and believe totally in vitamins, herbs, tissue salts, probiotics, and essential oils. I hope to be able to offer ChinaHerb as an add-on shortly. Another company I work with is Inversion Therapy selling their inversion tables. From an emotional understanding, I believe that trapped emotions can cause havoc and use The Emotion Code regularly in my practice. Access Consciousness introduced me to asking questions of the Universe and being open to all possibilities. “How does it get better than this?”

My main passion is Traditional Chinese Medicine but I also love crystals and have them all over my house. A few years ago I made these lamps from beads left over from my jewelry making.

I welcome you to my site and hope that the information I share in my packs is of value to you. I’m excited for this business to blossom. “How can it get better than this and what else in infinitely possible?”