Courage Rocks Box (anti-bullying) R80.00 S - R300.00 L

Knowing how to behave differently in the face of bullying can be empowering. This box contains information on tools to use to lessen the impact of the other person. There are also colouring in sheets and crayons to calm the mind and bring a person into the present moment. The colouring in sheets can be changed for ones more appropriate for younger children. The information, however, is pertinent to all age groups. The smaller pack does not include the colouring in sheets or crayons.

The crystals in the large pack are: pyrite, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, agate, and citrine. There is also a fairy quartz point. The crystals in the small pack are rose quartz, tiger’s eye, and agate.

The essential oil blend is made up of Lavender, Lime, and Spearmint in a MCT coconut oil . The large box has a 10ml bottle of oil, the small box has a 5ml bottle of oil.