Health & Wealth Pack – R350.00

Health Wealth

According to Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish, in Pinyin: yú, 魚, also translates to “abundance” 裕 Pinyin: yù. This is the reason why I chose to decorate the lid of this box with two fish.

The crystals in this pack contain a wealth of green stones: aventurine, moss agate and malachite. There is a citrine which is known as the money stone, as well as carnelian, sodalite, tiger’s eye, and a regular agate.

The essential oil blend contains doTerra’s Balance blend. Videos on YouTube show how one drop on the sole of the foot changed a person’s blood cells from clumping together like coins to floating freely in a halo. This is what we want our red blood cells to do because they’re better able to carry oxygen and nutrients and remove waste.

This box also contains a little glass bottle of gold flakes! I have mine in the Wealth Corner of my home – information on Feng Shui placement is included in the information pack.