Recovery Pack (long Covid, loss of sense of smell) – R340.00

I was requested by a homeopath to create a box to treat long Covid’s loss of sense of smell. Research indicated that smelling essential oils diffused in a jar had positive results.

The pack contains information on how to treat the four main organs involved in smell from a Chinese Medicine point of view.

The Recovery Pack contains 4 glass jars and 4 bottles with 12 drops each of dōTerra’s Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus, and Rose Geranium essential oils. The idea is to place a drop or two on the piece of paper provided, pop the paper in the jar and allow the oils to diffuse. Then spend time smelling each jar whilst remembering what the aroma smelled like. Note: because of dōTerra’s superior quality, these oils are safe to ingest as well as inhale and apply topically.

In addition, there is my sinus blend with Turmeric, Tea Tree and Copaiba essential oils in a MCT oil carrier. This blend is excellent for clearing sinus congestion.

The pack also contains a kyanite pendulum which can be used to communicate with your subconscious mind. Explanations are included in the cards.