The Money Pack - R888

Step into your Magic Zone with the phenomenal Money Pack.

Included in the pack are 26 pages of life changing information including how to raise your vibration to attract what you desire, understand how your thoughts and personal energy effect your outcomes, the power of your “I am” and affirmations, acupressure points to stimulate your will power and decision making, and Feng Shui cards showing you how to improve the energies in your home or office.


There is a beautiful journal in which to write your dreams, ambitions, goals, and desires with your new gold pen to further solidify your intention.  There is a bottle of real gold flakes which you can use as a visual reminder of what you’re accomplishing, especially when placed in the Wealth Corner of your home of office.


The wonderful Gratitude and Abundance essential oil blend contains frankincense, wild orange and peppermint essential oils and smells magnificent.


The beautiful bag contains the following crystals:  citrine, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, a clear quartz tumble, orange calcite, petrified wood, sunstone, pyrite, and green aventurine.  These can be placed on the enclosed Feng Shui card to help to energize the energies in your home or office, you can carry them for their qualities or as a reminder of what you’re accomplishing, or just enjoy them for their aesthetic beauty.