The Neck & Shoulder Pack – R380.00

Neck & Shoulder Pack

Another request. This pack was created as a gift for a lady who

The shoulders are where we carry our responsibilities. They reflect how we feel about trusting others to do the work. Neck stiffness indicates a possible inflexible attitude. Addressing the emotions carried here will help to ease any tension.

The crystals included in this pack are blue lace agate, dumortierite, malachite, prehnite, and sodalite.  There is also a gua sha tool. The crystal point can be used to work point GB 21 on the top of the shoulder.

This contains a blend made up of dōTerra Deep Blue blend, Lemon Grass, and Copaiba in a MCT coconut oil base. had reached the ago of retirement and was not particularly looking forward to it.

The pack contains information on ways to get along better with our ageing bodies and how our “point of view creates our reality, reality doesn’t create our point of view”. There is nutritional advice too.

The crystals in this pack are: amethyst, sodalite, yellow fluorite, moonstone, and sunstone. There is also a beautiful jade roller and gua sha tool. Information on how to use the set and stones in in the pack.

The oil blend is made up of Copaiba, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Clary Sage in a MCT oil carrier.

The pack also includes some colouring in cards and crayons to help bring one into the moment and ease tension.