Weight Loss Motivation Pack – R350.00

Weight Loss Motivation Pack

Always a challenge, having tools which visually and physically motivate a person on a weight loss journey can be really beneficial.

The crystals included in this pack are buddstone, prehnite, sodalite, sunstone, tiger’s eye, and a quartz point. The pendulum is kyanite and can be used to determine if the food about to be eaten is what your body actually wants.

The sodalite crystal is to hang around a water bottle. Sodalite helps to cleanse the lymphatic system.

The body brush is a great tool to stimulate the lymph system too. Lymph glands are situated in the groin and armpits, so brush towards them then towards the heart.

The essential oil blend is made up of Grapefruit, Lemon and Peppermint blended with MCT coconut oil.  These oils are all uplifting and energizing.  NOTE:  citrus oils are photosensitive which means that, if they’re on your skin and you go into sunlight, your skin could burn.